Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have tried numerous times to make the healthy icecreams that did not take 20 different ingredients and taste decent. Some were hit or miss but after combinging milk, protein powder, sugar(stevia), honey, spinach, and whatever else to thicken and provide nutrients, I gave up. I gave up until I decided to go simple and basic. Bananas and strawberries. What else do you need? Nothing!

Chop bananas strawberries and place into a container along with  (thanks to my housemate Sara who picked the ripest strawberries in the world) and freeze for at least two hours. Second, blend. Keep blending until the texture begins to look like ice cream.The bananas have the perfect texture for making it cream like and strawberries add the extra flavor. You do not need any more sugar or additives. I have yet to try and other fruit but i'm going to try huckleberry, of course. Have fun. Enjoy!


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