Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What A Beautiful Sight

Today, I trained two of my clients. They are an elderly couple of about mid 70s. As adorable as they may be, they suffer from extreme health problems in which their MD told them to join a gym or its going to be it for them. Day 1 of training, I knew I had my most challenging clients yet. He walked for 4min at 2.8mph but then had to decease because of too high of a HR, she made it 2.5min at a speed of .06mph.
However, it nearly took my breathe away when after a few sessions of training and motivation. He is now walking 16min at 2.8 and biking 16min at 8(out of 20) intensity. His lovely wife finally made it to 5min of walking at a 1.0 pace. At the end of the day, my most improved clients happen to demonstrate a high population of their age. It is moments like these where hope is found, and I realize why I do what I do. LSBLH!

Hello World

About me:
My passion for fitness and wellness is the Football to my Sunday night. It is where I find myself. I work for a health body and mind. My passions have led me to achieve my personal training certification and currently train clients to achieve their unique path in  fitness
 I'm a young woman in the Fitness world and trudging my way through college while gazing ahead at my future goals of graduate school. My hopes lead me to believe that my changes will influence my clients and the health and fitness future.

Life Should Be Lived, Healthfully.