Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cravings? Battling the Nutritional Beast!

Cravings. As much as we wish we could snap our fingers and crave all the health full foods out there, we can't. Maybe you don't like eating healthy or think that it tastes bad. Maybe you do eat healthy and still want to know how to fight cravings. I love eating healthy, but I am never 100% great at it. Why? "It is not my fault, its because ice cream tastes so good, sweet toothed people run in my family, and I can eat whatever I want as much as I want so long as I work it off". Felt your self using these excuses? How about, "sometimes I just have to live a little and treat myself....every single night." Well, I'm here to tell you something. Yes, cravings happen. Yes, we will continue to make excuses because we want 0% guilt while we enjoy them. BUT you can always choose healthy over not.

How come we have cravings? Especially for junk food? Do you think that back when icecream and potato chips didn't exist that people craved them then? No. We live in a country where the available and quick junk food is easily, too easily, at our finger tips. Where high fat content and loaded sugar attacks our taste buds and stomach soon to hit the arteries where, unlike your shower drain at home, cannot be unclogged. Good news, please? It all about those taste buds. Our taste buds adapt to the way that we eat and after repetitive eating of such junk food we begin to crave those certain food items more and more. So, time for a change! My challenge for you is a 2 week healthy food challenge, Flee from the temptations!!!!. Throw away those 50%DV of fat chips, icecream, ding-dongs, twinkies, white bread, blueberry muffins (or as I like to say "mini-cakes") and hit the healthy section. Fresh produce, whole wheat breads, oats, grains, quinoa, legumes, beans, fruit and veggies. Now, for two weeks try and eat healthy food only. Now, if you are just starting out eating healthy. My challenge for you is to ADD these things into your diet. That means, add in whole grain bread, add veggies or a fruit to every meal, and then start to swap meals out for healthier options.

I will be posting some of my favorite recipes to give you some low cost and delicious recipes that won't leave you hungry or guilty.

Good luck!

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